RedState’s Revisionism


RedState, itself a relic-of-a-name hearkening to an era when it implied some sort of Republican authority, offers this bit of advice: Any obstacle can be overcome in war – if you’re serious enough about it. A wonderful synthesis of various sources about Romans and boats and Carthage, I felt like I was reading a wikipedia article. But that title kept getting to me and nothing in the meandering narrative ever really got back to the opening:

The situation in Iraq, and the spectre it presents of asymmetrical, guerrilla combat, as well as its requirement of radically different tactics than those to which we are accustomed, has caused doubt to creep into the minds of many regarding whether America is capable of adapting to the changing battlefield, both effectively and quickly enough to be successful in the war we are now engaged in.

There is historical precedent not only for adaptation to a different style of war, but for the radical alteration of scene, setting, and style of fighting.

Perhaps I am missing something, but after we declared Mission: Accomplished, this stopped being a war and started being an occupation? And previous occupations have always gone so well for the occupier? This Second Iraqi War seems like another conjured conflagration like Vietnam so that chickenhawks can claim that they too are the greatest generation.


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