Muzzling Ron Paul


Malkin excoriates Ron Paul for making claims like

Well, I never automatically trust anything the government does when they do an investigation because too often I think there’s an area that the government covered up

Sounds familiar to Reagan’s oft repeated quote, “Trust but verify.” Wasn’t it Reagan to whom all the Republican candidates aspired (gee, why not the current 2-term Republican president?). Perhaps something about Paul’s message (maybe lower taxes, less government, less foreign intervention) appeals to a certain group of Americans who do not want to promulgate a misogynist and xenophobic Christian theocracy. However, it is funny seeing a twice-divorced cross-dressing Roman Catholic, northeastern elitist Mormon, and agnostic hypocritical politco trying to pander to these Southern Baptist Bible Belters.

It should get interesting as all the other neo-cons who have been drinking the Cheney-Rove KoolAide(Malkin, LGF, RedState, etc) continue to cover Dr. No over his “radical” and “lunatic” stances even though he was not even in the second tier of candidates before. John Dickerson at Slate has more on the Republicans efforts to silence their own candidate. Well now Paul’s the top hit on Technorati and getting top-fold coverage elsewhere online. Let’s see how the media tries to cover or spin it as it continues to pull for its favorite 3 as well as if he can translate into any momentum “on the ground.”


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