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The amount of unacknowledged irony in this RedState post makes my head want to explode. “This year the Democrats have already introduced the largest tax increase in American history, demonstrating utter disregard for our hard-working taxpayers. Now they want to reach deeper into the pockets of the American family to feed their addictive tax and […]

Glenn Greenwald received an unsolicted email appearing to come from Gen. Petraeus’s top PR officer that reads more like a PajamasMedia diatribe than a senior Army officer’s communication. Don’t even bother trying to wrap your head around the wall-to-wall coverage and outrage this would have received if the same message had instead been directed at […]



They might as well have played Pawtucket given how our rookies carried the series and how the NL offered nothing.

The constitutionality of secret wiretapping programs, another bungled natural disaster response, ballooning federal deficit, international economic shockwaves from the mortgage collapse, thousands of missing White House emails, politically-motivated dismissals of U.S. Attorneys, extra-judicial rendition and torture – there are so many topics for which the various wingnuts could be carrying the administration’s water – but […]



Absolutely perfect distillation.

Andrew Sullivan is one of those rare bloggers who abstains from the SCHIP-child-stalking, lapel-pin-wearing, censure-side-taking, haircut-cost-inquiring brand of corrosive punditry. He’s been plugging his new book, “The Conservative Soul” with some excerpts. One of my favorites: “In a war on terror that stretches decades into the future, the new conservatism allows for a president with […]

Chris Floyd (in for the esteemed Glenn Greenwald) boils down the U.S.’s inescapable and inevitable failure in Iraq: “We invaded your country under knowingly false pretenses, fixing the intelligence around the policy, because our leaders, who were in possession of vast amounts of intelligence that undermined or refuted their stated casus belli, couldn’t reveal their […]