Single-payer healthcare is great!


Michael Moore says look at the single-payer systems like that in Canada or Britain as examples of how to improve American healthcare. Except for the fact that British healthcare is “languishing.”

In other news, the veto-override for the S-CHIP failed by 13 votes. Is healthcare in America broken? Yes. Is expanding government entitlement programs the answer? No. People fail to realize that expanding government entitlement programs only invites meddling by nanny-state politicans. If you like smoking, trans-fats, and alcohol, you better hope than some political crusader doesn’t get to decide which are legal in the name of “public health and safety.”

If you want to fix healthcare;

  1. require all citizens to be covered by insurance for catastrophic injuries at a minimum,
  2. create state-based information clearinghouses to promote market competition,
  3. cap punitive damages for malpractice suits,
  4. remove FDA usage restrictions for experimental drugs,
  5. change the incentive paradigm to favor member-owned insurance cooperatives (akin to credit unions) rather than private for-profit corporations.
  6. Abolish federal health insurance coverage for Senators and Congressmen.

And certainly, the prerogative of federalism always holds. If everyone in Vermont, for example, wants single-payer healthcare, let them then find the funding, define coverage, battle entrenched interests, and expand the bureaucracy. Once they get that working (haha), then we can talk about expanding nationwide.


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