Why bother with elections?


With even more rats jumping ship, the total number of Republicans not seeking reelection is now at 12. It’s increasingly obvious that the 2008 election is the Democrat’s to lose in both Congress and the White House. Which is all the more interesting as more information comes out about the FISA capitulation, the SCHIP failure, and likely defense appropriation cave-in, are the Democrats just trying to wait the Bush and the deadend Republicans out until they have controlling supermajorities?

And in the many media narratives surrounding the 2008 election (flag lapels, Edwards’ hair, Romney’s sons, etc), what is with the Hillary horserace? It’s as though the media has already crowned her president before a single vote has been cast in even the primaries. Of course, she’s the perfect example of a well-connected Beltway insider beholden to lobbyists and special interests and using sketchy fundraising techniques as reported by the LA Times.

And Giuliani is the presumptive Republican nominee as well. Great, just what we need, two blow hard life-long politicians from New York expanding their 2000 senate catfight to a nationwide stage. Hillarycare vs. 9/11!9/11!!9/11!!!

Don’t bother actually reading about policies or proposals, ignore those candidates that the media dismisses as not having a chance, and just follow the invented narratives when you decide how you want your vote to be not counted.


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