Rhetoric of playground bullies


Glenn Greenwald received an unsolicted email appearing to come from Gen. Petraeus’s top PR officer that reads more like a PajamasMedia diatribe than a senior Army officer’s communication. Don’t even bother trying to wrap your head around the wall-to-wall coverage and outrage this would have received if the same message had instead been directed at a member of the 12th Keyboardists Brigade of Wingnuts. Nevertheless, Greenwald uses the email to raise legitimate questions about the overt politicization of the military command. How do the Keyboardists respond? How else but ignoring the substantive issues and proceeding with ad-hominem attacks about Greenwald’s alleged sockpuppeteering in the past? However, this is mainly apparent in the comments and second and third-rate blogs – it appears that even first-rate opportunists like Malkin are keeping their distance until this plays out.


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