Anti-vaccination movement


While I empathize with the personal hardships many of them have to endure that motivate them to this advocacy, I cannot fathom how they would misplace that energy into a movement so selfishly motivated, intellectually dishonest, and socially destructive that all but guarantees that others will also feel the sting of tragedy. The continuing disregard for scientific and medical consensus that is exhibited by this movement places them in the same league as creationists, global warming deniers, flat earthers, and their ilk. The farfetched narratives invented to implicate pharmaceutical companies for demonstrably unrelated diseases likewise ranks them among 9/11 conspiracy theorists and Scientologists.

Moreover, I am absolutely floored by comments I have read that imply that efforts to develop an AIDS vaccine should be unless it is demonstrated to be completely free of risk and side effects — as though 1/100,000 of a chance might outweigh the deaths of 2.1 million people annually (including 300,000 children).

Do not think history will judge them kindly when the disinformation they promulgate causes ENTIRELY PREVENTABLE death, disfigurement, and pain to thousands of people, including those who had been adequately vaccinated. Have they all so little understanding of basic biology, history, and civics to say nothing of the reams of immunological and game theory research evidence to the contrary, that they continue to espouse this disinformation and sow mistrust? It appears that they would rather damage the epidemiological infastructure of the past 50 years that enabled billions of people worldwide to grow, live, and love while working their societies out of oppressive disease and poverty in the past century. Yes, we would banish this system and replace it with a (literally) catastrophically misguided system of “choice” predicated on unsubstantiated information and an arm-chair philosopher’s ideas of freedom and agency.


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  1. 1 IG

    Try watching
    and then tell the parent of that child the goodness of vaccinations.

    Vaccination is good, it has saved us from many diseases, but that does not mean we vaccinate for anything and everything without even stopping to ask questions… questions about side effects, ingredients, etc. There have been many cases in US, Europe and Japan where Vaccines were recalled completely after years of use. Ask yourself, why?

    Vaccination has becomes more of a business than prevention these days, just like any other medicine. That’s where the problem is.

    Tell me this…
    1. Why did we stop using DTP and moved to DTaP? WHat’s the difference, and why the movement?
    2. Why is a Rubella vaccination is given to a Boy, when a Boy can never be pregnant?
    3. If vaccinations are so safe, why do we have a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program set up by congress?
    4. If vaccinations are so safe, what is ??

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