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I voted.


I waited 100 minutes in line with a few hundred of my closest friends to vote early at the Evanston Civic Center. Everyone was in good spirits despite the poll workers still clearly being overwhelmed by the turnout 2 weeks into early voting period. If you haven’t voted yet and early voting is still open […]

RedState’s Dan Perrin is happy in his reality and fact-free zone and has generated this wonderful set of conclusions on why McCain and Republicans have nothing to be worried about besides the looming landslide: Here are the six other reasons McCain-Palin will win: The Gallup poll after Labor Day has historically been a predictor of […]

Wassup 2008


Just a recap of what’s transpired and what’s at stake.

It’s so delightful to watch Republican apologists desperately try each daily controversy that emanates from the Palin/McCain campaign. Powerline dutifully trots out the talking points it has been issued: The last 24 hours have been consumed by a media feeding frenzy over the fact that the Republican National Committee spent approximately $150,000 on clothes and […]

Reax hacks


Powerline buffoons can’t even bring their heads far enough out of the sand to acknowledge or spin a single mainstream poll (CBS, CNN, etc.) showing that Obama absolutely trounced McCain by something like 60 to 30. What we get instead are Drudge Report and AOL: Returns are coming in on the online polls. At the […]

RedState, stooping to new levels of idiocy and apparently failing to get the “guilt-by-association attacks don’t work” memo, has this gem: It’s a good thing Tim Mahoney is a member of a party that respects women and has an enlightened view on gender issues. You might conclude that Mahoney had treated his former girlfriend shabbily, […]

Nobel Prize? According to those geniuses at Powerline, it’s not that big of a deal: In the case of the Nobel Prize, the money must be welcome. But as honors go, a Nobel Prize in anything relating to public policy is not much more meaningful than praise from the Daily Kos. There you have it […]