RedState, stooping to new levels of idiocy and apparently failing to get the “guilt-by-association attacks don’t work” memo, has this gem:

It’s a good thing Tim Mahoney is a member of a party that respects women and has an enlightened view on gender issues. You might conclude that Mahoney had treated his former girlfriend shabbily, but she’s being treated no worse than most other women that Democrats find inconvenient – from Sarah Palin, to Hillary Clinton, to Monica Lewinsky, to Chandra Levy, to Paula Jones. How long before the lamestream media begins to notice that Democrats are perfectly happy to destroy the reputations of women who stand in their way?

That’s right MSM, you never covered those three women involved with Bill Clinton 10-15 years ago!

Really? Is this how intellectually and morally bankrupt the GOP has become that they’re now attempting to link an adultering congressman to an adultering President into a faux/psuedo-feminist argument to never vote for Democrats? It’s too rich really that this is the best they’ve got after Wright, Ayers, and ACORN. Send these clowns to the silly house.


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