Reax hacks


Powerline buffoons can’t even bring their heads far enough out of the sand to acknowledge or spin a single mainstream poll (CBS, CNN, etc.) showing that Obama absolutely trounced McCain by something like 60 to 30. What we get instead are Drudge Report and AOL:

Returns are coming in on the online polls. At the Drudge Report, readers think that McCain “won” by a three to one margin….That isn’t too surprising. More surprising is that at left-leaning AOL, readers say McCain won by a 48%-47% margin. That’s rather encouraging.

That’s the way to do it – maybe throw a College Humor, SlashDot, and FARK poll in there too since those clearly have no significance whatsoever as well. What’s rather encouraging is that their inability to acknowledge a knock-out will provide all the more fodder come November 5th when we get to hear them spin a 360+ electoral vote/8% popular vote landslide into something or other about ACORN and the economy being the only reason that Obama won. Just wait for it.


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