The week after


The euphoria has worn off, but the faintest hint of competency and decency is already intoxicating after coming of age in an political environment devoid of it. Honestly, the trajectory of my memory on American governance consists of Clinton’s 1992 plurality, government shutdowns in 1995, and impeachment proceedings in elementary and middle school later mediated in high school and college by voter fraud, fabricated war, and unapologetic mugging of the Constitution. A whole generation of young people do not know what is like to be competently and honestly governed. One can only hope that power does not lead Democrats to the same boorish behavior displayed by the Republican rule nor that this newfound political coalition will be torn asunder too quickly. I likewise hope that the GOP can find a way to return to moderate positions by casting the theoconservative culture warriors and neoconservative extremists out and joining the rest of us in solving some serious problems in the 21st century.


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