This is too rich:

What is going on here is that Barack Obama’s Justice Department is rewarding a faithful political supporter by quashing a criminal prosecution that could adversely affect Sullivan’s application for U.S. citizenship. In less than eight months, President Obama has corrupted the Department of Justice to a degree that has not been seen in our lifetimes, if ever. In Obama’s Justice Department, the type of justice you get depends on how valuable you are to the Democratic Party.

I seem to remember a little incident involving the Bush administration firing U.S. Attorneys over their failure to prosecute the White House’s political targets. Oh, and the Chief of Staff to the Vice President being convicted on four felony counts related to disseminating classified information solely to discredit a critic. Of course, Libby’s conviction was immediately commuted by the President himself. All of this is however, much less corrupt than a local prosecutor failing to prosecute a marijuana possession by a columnist.

Idiocy, thy name is John Hinderaker.


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