Deja Entendu is French for “already heard before” – a clever play on deja vu that I was first introduced to by the second album of one of my favorite bands, Brand New. Much of modern political discourse, in both the media and in the blogosphere, is filled by tiresome and meaningless memes and labeling which doesn’t facilitate any goal than to demonstrate to the surrounding choir that their side is “correct.” Well, since the “Daily Me” doesn’t lend itself to broadening each audience’s exposure to alternative view points and critiques, I thought I would mash them up here.

My name is Brian Keegan and I am a second year PhD student at Northwestern University’s Media, Technology, and Society program and I am also affiliated with the Center for Technology and Social Behavior. I use methods and models in network analysis and complex systems to study the social dynamics among computer-mediated communities like Wikipedia, MMORPGs, and the like. The implications of disparate communities being able to leverage the affordances of new media platforms like wikis, blogs, and social networking sites to form connections, collaboratively generate ideas, and engage in effective decision-making are nowhere more relevant than the present need for society to address increasingly complex issues.

In the interests of full disclosure, I am hardly a non-partisan bystander, but an engaged citizen with my own social and political outlooks that broadly reflect a combination of libertarian and progressive philosophies. Moreover, I make no claims to being ideologically consistent or objectively rational over the continuum of my postings here, because this is an outlet for me to crystallize my thoughts first and a forum for you to read and respond to them second.


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