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What the F?


CNN: “These women face a unique dilemma: Should they vote their race, or should they vote their gender?” The media’s horse race fascination that has completely overlooked the merits of each candidate’s policy proposals for the litany of problems facing this nation has now been reduced to blatant card playing: if you’re a woman, you […]

The constitutionality of secret wiretapping programs, another bungled natural disaster response, ballooning federal deficit, international economic shockwaves from the mortgage collapse, thousands of missing White House emails, politically-motivated dismissals of U.S. Attorneys, extra-judicial rendition and torture – there are so many topics for which the various wingnuts could be carrying the administration’s water – but […]

Chris Floyd (in for the esteemed Glenn Greenwald) boils down the U.S.’s inescapable and inevitable failure in Iraq: “We invaded your country under knowingly false pretenses, fixing the intelligence around the policy, because our leaders, who were in possession of vast amounts of intelligence that undermined or refuted their stated casus belli, couldn’t reveal their […]

With even more rats jumping ship, the total number of Republicans not seeking reelection is now at 12. It’s increasingly obvious that the 2008 election is the Democrat’s to lose in both Congress and the White House. Which is all the more interesting as more information comes out about the FISA capitulation, the SCHIP failure, […]

Michael Moore says look at the single-payer systems like that in Canada or Britain as examples of how to improve American healthcare. Except for the fact that British healthcare is “languishing.” In other news, the veto-override for the S-CHIP failed by 13 votes. Is healthcare in America broken? Yes. Is expanding government entitlement programs the […]



I’ve never uploaded a video to YouTube before, but a new website called 10Questions made me break my cherry. Post questions, everyone votes for the top 10, and the candidates respond. I eschewed the Iraq/immigration/healthcare/gays/budget questions in favor of more broader questions on human rights, national service, and term limits. Vote me up, vote me […]