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Andrew Sullivan is one of those rare bloggers who abstains from the SCHIP-child-stalking, lapel-pin-wearing, censure-side-taking, haircut-cost-inquiring brand of corrosive punditry. He’s been plugging his new book, “The Conservative Soul” with some excerpts. One of my favorites: “In a war on terror that stretches decades into the future, the new conservatism allows for a president with […]

Michael Moore says look at the single-payer systems like that in Canada or Britain as examples of how to improve American healthcare. Except for the fact that British healthcare is “languishing.” In other news, the veto-override for the S-CHIP failed by 13 votes. Is healthcare in America broken? Yes. Is expanding government entitlement programs the […]

Random bit of infuriating knowledge from wikipedia: Another study reported that intraarterial delivery of bromopyruvic acid directly to the site of a tumor, followed by systemic delivery only when necessary, represents a new strategy for stopping the growth of liver and other cancers, while minimizing toxic side effects. While pre-clinical studies have been promising, human […]