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I just want to keep this nugget handy: The “surge” of troops to Iraq has produced the signal foreign policy success of George Bush’s second term. Some other nuggets: There are a number of possible reasons why our government’s actions after September 11 may have made us safer. Overthrowing the Taliban and depriving al Qaeda […]

Glenn Greenwald received an unsolicted email appearing to come from Gen. Petraeus’s top PR officer that reads more like a PajamasMedia diatribe than a senior Army officer’s communication. Don’t even bother trying to wrap your head around the wall-to-wall coverage and outrage this would have received if the same message had instead been directed at […]

Chris Floyd (in for the esteemed Glenn Greenwald) boils down the U.S.’s inescapable and inevitable failure in Iraq: “We invaded your country under knowingly false pretenses, fixing the intelligence around the policy, because our leaders, who were in possession of vast amounts of intelligence that undermined or refuted their stated casus belli, couldn’t reveal their […]

Irony is dead


The Washington Post has an article on all the Bush staffers cutting and running. Why can’t they “stay the course” to ensure that the defining mission of this administration, the Iraqi democracy experiment, is nothing less than complete “victory”? To sleep, consult, write books, and teach. But these are the luxuries that none of the […]

I wonder how much $500 billion to $1 trillion could have bought. Probably would have been enough to cover this. But why protect the “homeland” when you can try to build a new one for someone else?

What? Really? …I didn’t think so. Heh, perceiving reality must be a symptom of BDS.