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This is too rich: What is going on here is that Barack Obama’s Justice Department is rewarding a faithful political supporter by quashing a criminal prosecution that could adversely affect Sullivan’s application for U.S. citizenship. In less than eight months, President Obama has corrupted the Department of Justice to a degree that has not been […]

Powerline lays it out: Three months into his first term, Ronald Reagan was popular because Americans saw that he had a bold and confident vision for America’s future. He remained popular for eight years and was re-elected in a landslide because his free-market and strong defense policies were resoundingly successful. The same fate, I fear, […]

The week after


The euphoria has worn off, but the faintest hint of competency and decency is already intoxicating after coming of age in an political environment devoid of it. Honestly, the trajectory of my memory on American governance consists of Clinton’s 1992 plurality, government shutdowns in 1995, and impeachment proceedings in elementary and middle school later mediated […]

Whether the GOP cuts the chaff from the wheat to remain a national party with a coherent platfrom or devolves into a regional party with fascist tenancies remains to be seen. McCain already has a place in this history books, but punditocratic prognosticators are projecting that her star is still rising: Heh. I will bet […]

I voted.


I waited 100 minutes in line with a few hundred of my closest friends to vote early at the Evanston Civic Center. Everyone was in good spirits despite the poll workers still clearly being overwhelmed by the turnout 2 weeks into early voting period. If you haven’t voted yet and early voting is still open […]

Wassup 2008


Just a recap of what’s transpired and what’s at stake.

Reax hacks


Powerline buffoons can’t even bring their heads far enough out of the sand to acknowledge or spin a single mainstream poll (CBS, CNN, etc.) showing that Obama absolutely trounced McCain by something like 60 to 30. What we get instead are Drudge Report and AOL: Returns are coming in on the online polls. At the […]